Youth Group


C.H.A.O.S. Youth

Christ Has Anointed Our Steps


Mission Statement:

            “Letting HIS light shine from within”


Vision Statement:

“We help the youth of College Point live happier and accomplished lives by providing an Open, Comfortable and Christian environment for them to seek guidance: Helping grow HIS flock one youth at a time.”


OPEN – Our bi-weekly meeting are open to all the youth of the St. John’s family and our surrounding community, College Point.


Comfortable – We offer a relaxed informal atmosphere for the youth to feel welcome.  There is a meal that is shared along with games and open conversations.  


Christian Environment – CHAOS Youth offers Bible based answers to the questions of the youth.  All topics are relevant and no one is made to feel embarrassed. 




 Daniel Giardino – Is a College Point native who grew up in St. John’s.  During college Dan remained a steadfast member of the church and took on new roles as he wanted to become a more committed disciple of Christ. He has been serving the Lord as a youth leader for over five years. Dan also serves in several other areas of our congregation but finds working with youth to be one of his favorite ministries.



Jennifer Giardino – Is a College Point native who married into our St. John’s family a few years ago.  Jen started out her ministry life as a Sunday school teacher and grew into youth ministry as her students grew as well.  She enjoys praising the Lord as part of our worship team and choir.  Jen has a heart overflowing with love for the youth that she interacts with. You will always find Jen in front of the congregation with her bright smile.



Michelle Alcuri –grew up in Iowa and lives in Brooklyn! Michelle has been a life long member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod who started her ministry at St. John's College Point by serving with the Altar Guild  and helping to build the website. Michelle's love of children quickly was discovered and she now is part of the Youth Ministry team as well as Sunday School hoping to enrich the lives of every child.

Dates to Remember: