Our Story

Our Story

Every church has a beginning—whether it was last year or a century ago. "Our Story" begins...as a chronological foot print of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, College Point, NY from its inception.

St. John’s Lutheran Church started as a mission of Trinity Lutheran Church of 9th Avenue, New York. The Mission started at Strattenport now known as College Point.

3/15/1857 - The first recorded service of the mission was held.  That same year a committee was formed to study the erection of a parish school and to arrange for regular services.

September 1857 – a lot was purchased at the corner of 22 Avenue and 123rd Street and construction of the church and school begun.  

January 1858 – the school was forced to close because the congregation could not secure a Teacher/ Pastor.

April 8, 1858 -  Pastor August Heltmueller was ordained as the first pastor of St. John at Trinity Church. The following week the day school reopened.

June 1858 – Teacher Keller, the first called teacher of the congregation arrived at St. John.

August 1858 – St. John’s was received into membership of the Eastern District of the L.C.M.S.

Sometime in 1861—Pastor August Heltmueller accepted another call and left and Pastor J.C. Renz was installed as the second shepherd. Two years later pastor J.C. Renz accepted another call and left.

7/17/1864 – Pastor August Ebendick was installed as the pastor. He served for 46 years. During his time the parish purchased additional property.

1871 - parsonage erected

1877 –first pipe organ installed

1881- Ladies Aid organized

1898 – the Day School was closed for the second time but for a different reason that was a lack of pupils.

1905 – St. John’s became a member of the New Atlantic District.

1907 – The Congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary and at that time building fund started to erect a new house of worship.

1908 – the Women Sewing Circle was established.

9/4/1910 – Pastor Ebendick preached his farewell sermon after 46 years of service to the congregation.

9/4/1910 – On the same day that Pastor Ebendick preached his last sermon, Pastor Arthur Hallmann was installed as the new pastor.

1910 – sometime during this year the first English service was held.

5/13/1913 – the present church building was dedicated.

6/1929 – the site of the present day school building was acquired.

4/1938 – Pastor Hallman was called to glory to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

7/17/1938 – Pastor Clifford Meyer was installed as fifth pastor of St. John’s.

1942 – the building now serving as the teacherage was acquired.

9/11/1944 – the present (now closed) day school was opened with 5 pupils. The school was administered by Mr. Edgar Aufdemberge, the first called teacher of the present (now closed) day school.

1946 – St. John’s youths joined the Walter League.

1948 – The merriweds was organized.

1949 – A new day school was erected.

1951 – The Altar Guild was organized.

9/9/1951 – Pastor Herbert Dick was installed as the new pastor.

1954 – The first Men’s Club was organized.

1957 – the construction of the New Sanctuary Building was completed. That same year, in the month of October the congregation celebrated its 100th year and resolved to enlarge the educational building.

1961 – the present day school structure was dedicated.

1962  - Ms. Edgar Aufdemberge accepted a call to Concordia College, Bronxville.

1963 – James Frasher was called as the new principal of the school.

1966 – Mr. Kenneth Moerbe was called by the congregation to replace James Frasher had moved to another state.

9/ 1969 – Mr. Edwin Heinz was called by the congregation to replace Mr. Moerbe who had gone to study for the Holy Ministry.

9/16/1973 – The congregation installed Reverend Authur  L. Gillespie as its seventh pastor. Pastor replaced Pastor Dick who had retired. Pastor Gillespie came to the congregation from the Martin Luther High School.

9/16/1978 – Jeffrey Licht  was installed as principal of the Day School.

[This is a work in progress. As new information is unearthed this foot print will be edited to provide accurate and up to date information]