Welcome in Jesus' Name!  We are delighted to meet you.  We want you to relax and be at ease.  We are a community of people who love Jesus, but we are still "under construction" ourselves.  We hope you will settle in and get to know us; we are always happy to welcome someone new to our community of faith and love. 

What you will find here:

  • genuinely caring and friendly people
  • people of many races and cultures
  • inspiring worship
  • messages from the Bible that connect to today
  • prayer that is personal and passionate
  • ways to connect and reach out
  • that you matter to Jesus and to us

This is a good place to belong; not perfect, but allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.  We laugh and we cry.  We hug and hold hands to pray.  We lift voices and hands to thank and praise God, and we humbly express our need for Him.

Whether you are searching for a place to belong, or you have been in College Point your whole life, we hope to get to know you